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Architecture for Ilona is a lifestyle….. and on each site the main goal is to create a freely flowing, high quality and harmonic dimensional environment, in which a person feels safe, calm and pleasant. Such an environment, so that it would serve as a catalyst for spiritual and mental development, productive work and calm respite. An environment, which inspires One towards positivity. It is confidence, developed through experience acquired over many projecting years (16) – it is of utmost importance to create a harmonic space. What colour to paint it? That is secondary.


The projecting style of ILONA is a deeply individual approach to each client and location. By carefully paying attention to the expressed desires and the coded conditions for each location a personalized legend is created for each project, and each drawn line has its meaning.


The list of services includes architecture from a building to the tiniest detail. There is a possibility to develop full (w/ engineering networks) building technical projects, including author supervision on site, development visions, interior projects with individual furniture design as well as consultations before the beginning of a project.

ILONAS’ work is recognized in native Latvia as well as among international clients from Germany (Roedl & Partner office in Riga, German-Baltic Trade cameras in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (AHK) Office in Riga, reconstruction of the SIEMENS building within RIX territory), France (L’Oreal Baltic branch in Riga), Norway (Private housing village in Christiansund), Austria (Kronospan service hotel in Riga) and Belarus (Kronospan branch in Minsk).





ILONA is a certified architect – born and raised in the beautiful town with archaic architecture, along the river Venta – Kuldīga.
Higher education – engineering degree in architecture and architect’s qualification acquired in Riga Technical University, Architecture department. 1999 – works as an architects’ assistant (until then designs metallic furniture and decorates exhibition booths for PHILIPS LATVIA), 2004 – establishes a company with a German architect (Wolfgang Best) “Architects Vaivade & Best” and in 2006 – establishes her own architects’ bureau, which she manages to this day.


Parallel to work and hobbies, ILONA actively supports and participates in social projects, because she finds it to be everyone’s duty. During her study years that was heartwarming work in an old people’s home, in 2008 – the DIVERBII society was established, with the educational purpose to cultivate development of cultural understanding in modern society. From 2009 to 2011 – active participation in “Grown-ups for the Children’s hospital” (fundraising, organizing volunteer work…); in 2012 – reconstruction project and realization for the Water-healing facilities in the Children’s hospital. Currently – reconstruction project and realization of the Zaube evangelic Lutheran church tower.


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