Arhitekte Ilona Vaivade

Family house, Jurmala

Construction Project, Interior, the Lighting project
2015 – 2019

The family house of 440sq.m is located in the territory of Jurmala Park, where a natural sand dune has developed … The beauty of this territory, its value and the proximity of the Baltic Sea coast created the concept of “home in the dune”.
This concept embodies the details of interior design solutions and the architecture of the building itself. Wide glazing makes the surrounding nature a part of the interior.
It is a house that provides peace of mind and safety, away from the city noise, feeling the proximity of the sea … A house open to the beauty of nature and interaction with it … The house, which is “The One and Only”, which let’s to enjoy the Soul and the Spirit. .. here one can have the special feeling of being at home.
Project architect
Ilona Vaivade


Visualization in collaboration with
Ilvins Uzors


Didzis Grodzs

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